~ Competition Time ~ held by ~ The London Pie and Mash Company Limited ~ Enter to Win ~

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to celebrate our 10,000 likes we are giving away a pie and mash party for up to 20 people!


we will come to your house, local pub or club and cook fresh pie and mash and serve it to you and your guests – free of charge! thats a great prize!

to enter SHARE THIS POST – while comments are always welcome, its the sharing that is the entry ticket – we want to spread the word!

terms and conditions:

– due to the nature of our work the offer is only valid on a mid week day – on a mutually agreeable date
– the prize is for up to 20 meals only – there is no cash equvilant, no other options, no leftovers no spreading the prize etc
– its a one time offer so if you have less than 20 people there is not the option for a doggy bag!
– the venue owners must give permission for us to cater
– the event must be indoors
– power must be available
– prize must be used within 6 months of notice of winning
– we will want to take and publish photographs of the event (to carry on the celebration!)
– there will be other conditions – but these will be discussed with the winner
– winner will be selected at random on Valentines day!
– new followers can share the post and be entered into the competition
– there is the option to have a larger party or have other courses (for an agreed cost)
– please dont look for clever loop holes – the offer is made in good faith and we hope its accepted in the same way!



The London Pie and Mash Company

When you hear London your first thoughts are the Queen, Tower Bridge, Fish & Chips and Ale. But how many of you associate Pie&Mash & Liquor with the Uk?Outside of it, most likely next to nobody. Olac Coombs, the owner of The London Pie and Mash Company http://www.londonpieandmashcompany.co.uk/  , wants to change this.Before starting his Pie venture in 2014, he was a very successful businessman in the corporate world. Never losing sight of his lifelong dream to sell pies and bring this old traditional dish back to new life and closer to the nation.

The London Pie and Mash Company limited has a long array of pies ( currently 16 different types). All of them handmade with carefully selected ingredients. From unique breakfast pies to lunch / dinner and dessert ~ The London Pie and Mash Company has it all covered no matter if you are Meat Lover, Vegetarian /Vegan, Gluten free or prefer Halal.The LPMC is there to please your palate.

You can find them at Festivals

  all across the UK or hire them for private events from corporate to birthdays, weddings & anniversaries.


Many people can vouch for their brilliance in service and amazing pies. From everyday people to famous actors.


The staff is professionally trained and friendly, there for you each step of the way. Planning, decorating and most important of all ~ give you and your guests an unforgettable experience with Pie & Mash.

Should you simply want to try what all the hustle and bustle is about without leaving the comfort of your home  ~ why not order some  Pie & Mash and Liquor from them online?

http://www.londonpieandmashcompany.co.uk/shopproducts/ And add some of their homemade chili vinegar to your order to complete the  LPMC experience!

You won’t regret giving this fantastic piece of England a try ~ I did and fell in love with it!

For more details and info ~ please visit  http://www.londonpieandmashcompany.co.uk/

~Yours truly~


~ Kv’s Wonton Bonbons ~

Shopping List:

~ 1 package of Wonton wrappers

~ 1 banana

~ 1 small jar of Nutella

~ 3 tablespoons of Cinnamon & Sugar (optional )

~ 1/2 cup of crushed pecans

~ 1 egg ( to create and egg wash )

~  some powdered sugar to decorate

You will also need a fryer or a tall pot with vegetable oil to fry the Wonton ~ Bonbons.

Take a few Wonton wrappers out of the packaging and line them up on a cutting board. Place them in a way so that one corner points to you and one each right and left.

Take a teaspoon and scoop a small amount of the Nutella into the center of the wrapper. Put a slice of banana on top of it.

Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar as well as some crushed pecans.

Now brush some of the egg wash on the two upper sides ( edges )  of the wrapper. Fold it into a triangle and run your finger along the edges to create a proper seal.

Fry until golden brown. Keep some paper towel on hand to place the Wontons on after frying.

After any access oil has been removed, decorate with some *powdered sugar.

*I always keep some vanilla flavored, powdered sugar on hand. I usually mix one package of vanilla sugar with 2 cups of powdered sugar and place it into a shaker.

   ~ Enjoy ~

~ Your TKv ~

~ KV’s ~ Nutty ~ Angel ~ Eyes ~

~ Another one of  my  family recipes ~

* 1 1/4 cups  ( 150grams ) of all purpose flour

* 1/4 cup       ( 50grams ) of sugar

* one pinch of kosher salt

* 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

* 3/4 cup       (40grams a little more is fine ) of ground almonds

* 1 stick of butter

* 1 egg

* a glass of raspberry or strawberry jam

* some powdered sugar for decoration

Mix everything but the powdered sugar and jam. Refrigerate the dough for about an hour.

Once the dough has cooled  ~ start shaping small ~balls ~ set them on a cookie sheet that is covered with parchment paper ~

Now create and indentation on each little ball with your thumb ~ ( you can also take the back of a wooden cooking spoon if you like )

Fill with some jam and place in the freezer for roughly ten minutes.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes ( give or take ) or until the edges are golden brown !

~ Decorate with powdered sugar as soon as the cookies have cooled off ~

~ Enjoy being part of my family with this recipe  ~

~    Your  ~